About us

UK Based Patent and Design Search Specialists

Our company was founded in January 2005 by brothers Dean Parry Dean Parry on Linked In MSC (former UK Patent Examiner) and Timothy Parry Timothy Parry on Linked In MBA (Business and Marketing expert), bringing together expertise in intellectual property and marketing to offer clients an unrivalled, customer focussed, patent, design and research journal search service.

Over the last ten years we have grown to become one of the global leaders in IP search and analysis, employing multiple in-house search teams, covering a range of technologies.

We have developed our own methods of searching, in order to ensure quality and cost effectiveness for clients, by building on known searching techniques used by patent offices and research institutes.  We work closely with our clients to help develop strategies that best suit their budgets.


The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) Affiiate Member http://www.cipa.org.uk/ 

Association of Innovation, Research and Technology Organisations (AIRTO) http://www.airto.co.uk/