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Patent Seekers Ltd is recognised as one of the Global Leaders in patent and design search and analysis.  We have performed more than 10,000 searches over the last 10 years, including searches for some of the world’s most important innovations and to aid defences in some of the largest court actions.  

We perform patent, design, technical literature and product searches to help our clients make the best business decisions for research, product development, sales activities and competitive analysis.   

Our clients range from attorney firms, multinational corporations, through small & medium enterprises and academic institutions, to sole traders and individuals, from the UK, EU, US, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and China.

We provide professional search advice in all areas of searching for Patents and Designs, including advice on novelty, state of the art, infringement, validity, mapping/landscape and monitoring searches.

Our analysts have backgrounds and experience across a wide range of technologies, including mechanical engineering, electrical/electronics, software, telecommunications, physics, medical technology, chemical and biotechnology.  All searches being carried out in-house.

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All information relating to inventions and clients is treated as strictly confidential.

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Patent Seekers will be attending The London IP Summit which is an industry leading event dedicated to bringing together IP owners, experts and investors to address key challenges and operational issues faced by companies and IP professionals today.

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