Our Services

We provide a variety of specialist searches to in-house and private practice patent attorneys, universities, technology companies and SME's covering most areas of technology and welcome the opportunity to tailor our services to meet specific client needs.

Our search services provide:

Global coverage
Our searches provide global coverage and are not restricted to regional zones ensuring our clients receive a cost-effective solution for their searches. 

Use of multiple databases
We do not restrict ourselves to one or two databases, but utilise all the databases below in addition to specialist subject specific databases as appropriate:
  • Patbase
  • Total patent
  • Thompson Innovation
  • Questel Patent Portal
  • STN
  • Delphion
  • Questel Design Finder
  • CA-Plus, Registry
  • Espacenet
  • GenBank
  • Patent Abstracts of Japan 
  • Dialog research journals

Our search services include:

Patentability / Novelty / Prior Art
This search helps to identify if your invention is new by searching patent and non-patent literature published before your invention. This provides information to help determine the viability of your invention thus giving you an informed decision of whether further investment is justified.
Infringement / Freedom to Operate / Clearance
This search helps to identify the risk of your invention infringing an existing patent in the relevant domain and therefore the risk of litigation. This would be relevant for anyone wishing to manufacture, import/export and/or sell products.
Invalidity / Patent Busting / Patent strength analysis
If you are accused of infringement or worried about an existing patent, this assessment will help identify if that patent is valid. Thus providing additional information in support of a defence. 
This search can also be used to test the strength of your own patent prior to going to market or enforcing it. 
It can also be used to test the strength/validity of a patent you wish to purchase.
State of the Art
This type of search is used to identify how others have tried to solve a particular problem over a time period.  This is useful in the early stages of research

Patent Landscaping
Patent landscapes allow you to view competitors patents and the countries they cover.  It can also be used to analyse a technology area to identify trends and companies/inventors active in particular areas.  
Patent Monitoring 
This search allows you to keep track of your competitor's patent applications. This can be carried out on a regular basis customised to your requirements.
Subject areas covered
We are experts in providing searches in the following subject matter:

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